The Gates Were Opened and a Flood Washed In

IMG_1755 The holidays happened and let’s just say, I’m really glad they are over. I made a promise that I would continue with our family’s tradition of my mom’s Christmas morning sticky bun recipe, passed down from her mom, and let’s just be honest – they are DEFINITELY NOT GAPS! Christmas morning came and breakfast was amazing!! By the end of the day we had consumed the entire pan.

Being that the day was already ruined by tons of flour and sugar, I decided to order pizza for everyone for dinner. Over the next few days, this is pretty much how it continued. There was always ‘one more party’ to attend and eat our way through. Finally we made it to New Year’s – again, one more day of uncaring indulgence. While I did eat many things no “GAPS legal” I did always eat grain-free/sugar-free while at home. So I would say maybe one meal per day was outside the parameters of the diet. All things considered, I was still WAY under the amount of carbs my previous diet afforded.

For the seven days from Christmas morning through New Year’s Eve I felt so sluggish. I never really noticed an energy increase when we started GAPS, but I definitely felt a slow DOWN returning to flours and sugars. My mood was also plummeting. I felt cranky most of the time. I also gained four pounds – typical for the holidays, yes – but NOT typical considering I wasn’t really eating more than my usual amounts of food.

But just that one little window was enough to send me in to a tail spin of cravings. My desire for sugar is off the charts. Some days I’m completely obsessed by it. When we started GAPS back in November, I remember having the sugar craving, but after about three days it was gone. I feel like I’m still struggling today to get it back under control. Even all my GAPS ‘treats’ aren’t quenching this insatiable desire.

I think part of the problem is having in the back of my mind that I’m going to start the GAPS Intro Diet again this March. So it’s sort of the binge effect prior to starting it the first go around. It’s a daily struggle right now. One that keeps me preoccupied with food right now – specifically, big tubs of frosting, because at the end of the day that’s what I really want. Spoonful, after spoonful, of homemade confectioners vanilla frosting. Yummmmm.

I am pretty much back on a GAPS friendly menu – I have had one bad day where I ate a slice of pizza for dinner just because I couldn’t take it any more. The rest of the meals have all been on track and I’ve even lost those four pounds, plus one more for good measure! Happy New Year to me!

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