Still Chugging!!

Well, we’ve made it to Day Seven! This was SO much easier than the last go around – I think because through all my ‘cheating’ I still wasn’t eating sugar (only honey). So I didn’t have the sugar withdrawal. BUT yesterday and today are starting to feel rough. Don’t get me wrong – there’s temptation EVERY DAY, but the mind games are now kicking in. I am constantly battling with myself right now – this is silly. we don’t need to do this. eating FULL GAPS is enough. you can stop this at any moment and make that GAPS friendly granola and call it a day. But I keep reminding myself – it’s only one month. we have one week down. why blow it now?? you can do this. And so I have!

Of all places that were the most challenging this week – church was one of them. This past Sunday our church celebrated our 18th year and of course, we had a pot luck. Most of the time our church pot lucks consist of seven or eight desserts and maybe one or two dishes. That was not the case this past week. The table was FULL of amazing aromas and mouthwatering treats. And I couldn’t even sample a bite!
IMG_2601 IMG_2602 IMG_2605
Homemade empanadas, chicken salad sandwiches, TACOS, Shepherds Pie, fruit, homemade¬†rhubarb pie, tiramisu, cookies, and of course CAKE! I wanted to bend down and lick the entire thing. I actually pictured myself grabbing two of those fat, purple, sugary-goodness flowers with my hand and shoving them into my mouth. I could smell the frosting and my body was saying “GIVE THAT TO ME!” Cutting a piece for B was pure torture. At one point I almost caved. A woman brought gluten free monkey bread. I even went so far as getting some into a bowl.
But some how, some way, I managed to NOT eat this. As much as I wanted to listen to the voice telling me it was fine because after all, my doctor said if she could choose one thing for me to remove from my diet it would be gluten, I refused to give in. I didn’t want to hear it, but I made myself say over and over ‘It’s not worth another migraine. It’s not worth another migraine.’

And now here we are at Day Seven!! I’m a fourth of the way there!! I’ll admit, the food is starting to get old. I’m tired of soup. I’m tired of boiled veggies and meat. But today we add in two new squashes AND eggs! So there’s new stuff coming. I now believe I can make it all the way.

And so I keep trying!

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