And Maybe…Not So Much.

A funny thing happened about two hours after I posted my last update – I couldn’t swallow my lunch. I mean, I physically, COULD. NOT. SWALLOW. IT. Everything that I make right now has a foundation of my homemade chicken or beef stock. So everything sort of has a ‘it-all-tastes-the-same’ thing going on. My body seemed to have hit a wall and is screaming at me to make some changes. I added in a glass of goat’s milk with my lunch and it was like I discovered the world’s most amazing treat (yeah, and for goat’s milk!). The following morning I got on the scale a saw that I had lost almost six-and-a-half pounds…in seven days! While it might sound like an amazing problem to have, it’s clearly a sign that this is not working out so great for my body. No one should loose practically a pound a day!! That’s just NOT healthy – nor is it sustainable.

So after much debate (with myself) and discussion (with the family), I’ve decided to stop the Intro Diet and move back into the full GAPS Diet. Part of me feels disappointed, like I failed or gave-in again, but part of me is really relieved. It’s not easy eating boiled meats and vegetables and broth every day, for every meal. While it’s true, over time, new foods will be introduced, but if I can’t even get myself to swallow the main part of the diet (homemade stock), then waiting three more days for a new food item probably isn’t the best idea.

Case in point – last night I made for dinner the carrot and yellow squash soup from the Intro Diet meal plan I’ve been following. We added chicken to the soup, and for dessert I made a GAPS blueberry/peach/strawberry crumble (pulled the recipe off the internet here). I ate 1/4 of the 8×8 pan. I would’ve eaten the entire thing if I wasn’t worried about Lydia thinking I was a major pig. I got on the scale this morning and was another 1.5 pounds lighter. IN ONE DAY – after totally gorging on dessert! I need more calories and the way to do that is to add in more GAPS legal foods.

So I keep pressing on in this journey, and I keep learning what works for my body and what doesn’t. And hopefully, at the end of all this searching – I’ll have found a healthier, happier me. And that’s the bottom line! Bon Appetit (and get READY to see all amazing things I’m about to make)!

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