Eating My Way Healthy – Take 2!

Acceptance. It takes time. Everyone’s journey is different. There’s no need to apologize. There’s no need to dwell on falling down. The only thing that matters is that you get up and keep moving. I started moving again, yesterday. Here’s my recap:

Day 1:

Coming to terms with the GAPS Intro diet is pretty much all mental for me. When I started this journey this past November, I made it to Day 3 when I decided it was just too difficult and decided to jump ahead to Day 22 (when I could add honey and a few fruits to the diet). The moment I made that decision is most likely, in my mind, when I allowed the first crack in my dam that would eventually become the flood that swept me back to the bad habits I had formed my entire life with regards to food.

Each time you allow yourself a small window, there’s another window around the corner, just waiting to be opened. I finally said ‘No. I will not open another window. I will not allow another slip up to steer me off this path.’

It’s easy to say this right now. I’m back on Day 1 again. Today is relatively easy. It’s tomorrow and the days that follow that become the real challenge. But it’s my hope – and my deepest desire – to be nothing but successful this time around. Because at the base of it all, I know how healthy I feel when I remove all the excess garbage that otherwise occupies my body. But temptation is EVERYWHERE and after a while it just wears me down. I’m sure others can relate.

Day 1 of the GAPS Into Diet is pretty basic and limited. Here’s a rundown of what we ate:

Upon Waking: glass of room temp water (in the future I will add in my oil pulling routing).
Breakfast: Homemade beef stock with boiled butternut squash, pureed until smooth. Glass of room temp water.
Lunch: Boiled broccoli in homemade beef stock, sprinkled with seal salt. Glass of room temp water.
Dinner: Boiled chicken, onions, and butternut squash in homemade chicken stock. Glass of room temp water.
After Dinner Snack: More boiled chicken, onions, and butternut squash in homemade chicken stock. Glass of room temp water.

I ended the day with a raging migraine (how’s THAT for temptation to give up??) It could be  the lack of sugar and carbs. It could be the weather (it’s been raining for a couple days now). It could just be my plain dumb luck.

Earlier in the day I was battling my migraine with one of my essential oils that I’ve now added into this journey: Dragon Time. Because every doctor I see says my migraines are hormonal (including my new Homeopathic Doctor I started seeing last month), I’m leaning more towards Dragon Time which claims to help regulate hormones. During the day this was working really well. I applied one drop to each ankle using the Vita Flex points (see pic inserted below), one drop to my lower abdomen, and then one drop rubbed into my neck (not one of the recommended locations, but sometime you just go with your gut as to where to apply).
I did this application twice during the day, when I would feel a headache coming on and it would go away. But somewhere around dinner time, I just got sidetracked and didn’t keep up the regiment. After I put my daughter to bed, I decided to take my detox bath (part of the GAPS protocol) of epsom salt – I added in few drops of Lavender for extra relaxation. I already had a full-blow headache at this point and in my hazed, painful, brain, forgot about my dragon time and turned to my M-Grain instead. I added three drops to my shampoo and let it soak into my scalp for several minutes. It did not work. I went downstairs to try to watch some TV and continued to diffuse my M-Grain. It still did not work. After about 30 minutes I gave up and went up to bed and to my prescribed migraine medicine. It did not work. I was close to tears and in bed for the night, wondering how long I should wait before I asked Lydia to drive me up to the ER. For those who suffer you know – rational thought just does not happen when you have a full-blown migraine. Lydia asked me if I had tried the Dragon Time rather than the M-Grain. DING!!! I just plain forgot about that. I immediately turned on the light and grabbed my Dragon Time (so perfectly named, in my humble opinion). I went through my usual routine: ankles, lower abdomen, back of neck. Then, again on gut feeling, I put another drop on my hand and just started rubbing it all over the side of my head that hurt – on my temple and through my hair, to my scalp, hitting whatever spots I could find. I laid back down and within minutes started to feel relief. I was sound asleep after about 15 minutes passed. I now plan on taping the words “DRAGON TIME!” to every mirror in the house, lest I forget again!
That was yesterday. This morning I woke up with no headache – my miracle for the day and I am SO blessed to have received it! I started the day with my Dragon Time ‘routine’ hoping to get a jump on the ball, before my migraine beast has a chance to get a jump on me. I am halfway through Day 2 – but I will leave that for tomorrow. Until then…

* After a few friends suggested I try using essential oils as a method to alleviating my migraines, I did and have had pretty good success. In January I decided to become an Independent Distributor for Young Living Essential Oils. If you would like more information, please send me a private message and I will be happy to share my full story and answer any questions you may have. You can email me directly at: